the a.r.t.s. initaitive, incorporated

who we are

the purpose

The A.R.T.S. Initiative's mission will be to utilize the dynamic power of the A.R.T.S. to make a positive change for artists and the community with the ultimate creative spaces/events for creative freedom.

To aspire, reach, teach and showcase artists for community enhancement.

Core Values:
Aspire artists to express their artistic freedom,      
Reach artists beyond the traditional artistic expression,      
Teach artists to diversify and expand their artistic horizon, and   
Showcase artists who have tapped into their artistic inspiration.

The goals of the A.R.T.S. Initiative, Incorporated will be to enhance the standard of the A.R.T.S. community, obtain a physical location, enhance the showcasing of artists and to employ artists of all facets.

who we are

the journey

Where It Started:
Our Founder, De-Mi Woodfork, found that as an artist himself, many other artists were struggling to develop and find the space to create. So he planned this organization to bridge the gap of artistic expression.

Why Now:
The A.R.T.S. community needs a greater support system than those put into place. We currently have several artistic programs in the state of Tennessee but they are mostly ran by non-artists telling artists what to do with their art craft and how to do it. Artists need a support system that understands them whole-heartedly.

Attracting artists:
With the organization ran by a majority of artists, we will be able to relate to artists of different facets. With so many outlets limited to how and when they support we will be a groundbreaking force that makes positive change in the arts community.

Getting investments:
Investments are not guaranteed, but we hope to foster an environment where our donors and sponsors are not only putting money into the organization but they get a big return out of it.

Hiring the team:
Our Founder, De-Mi Woodfork envisions an organization that is ran by artists and art enthusiasts of all kinds. In order to aid artists you have to understand the passion of the artists.

It's party time:
The A.R.T.S shall never be boring; we shall always have an unlimited source of fun for the ultimate creative sparks! If the team stays upbeat and positive the artists and community will be inspired to do so too!

Time to take over the A.R.T.S. world:
We have several projects that are going to be launching over the course of growth. Every artists will have a resource to benefit from while connected with our organization by the year 2021.

To Mars and beyond:
We are going to think outside the box and create concepts that will positively challenge the staff, artists, community and supporters of the organization.